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Larapinta Campsites designed by award winning Neeson Murcutt Architects

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New Campsite on Larapinta Trail Travel journalist Andrew Bain experienced the Larapinta Trail first hand staying at World Expedition’s new Larapinta campsites. Below he perfectly summarises the architectural prowess of these exceptionally crafted eco campsites designed by Neeson Murcutt Architects.

Bain describes the campsites to be unique like no other. “Its design was inspired by Arnhem Land sleeping platforms and Bedouin tents, following a walk along the Larapinta Trail in 2005 by its architects, Rachel Neeson and husband Nick Murcutt, who worked collaboratively on the design until Nick – son of the great Glenn Murcutt – died in 2011, aged 46, midway through the project. The camp near Simpsons Gap has been named Nicks’ Camp.”

Rachel Neeson adds “essentially the idea was to bring an element of comfort without taking away at all the fact that you’re camping. We wanted it to be true to the idea of camping. You want people to be able to enjoy the trekking along the Larapinta Trail by day and arrive into the campsite to totally relax in the back to nature environment.”

Bain highlights the functionality of how in this fragile desert ecosystem, sustainability is a keystone of the camps. “Both have waterless composting toilets, while grey water from the hot showers and the kitchen sinks is trapped, filtered and run through absorption trenches to an evaporation point.”

“Cardboard waste is taken away, crushed into briquettes and used as fuel on the campfire, while camp lighting (and USB and 12-volt chargers built into the frame of the communal tent) is powered by a solar panel.”

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