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Great Walks Of Australia is a collection of 12 of Australia’s best multi-day hiking experiences, in some of its most spectacular, iconic wild places.

From the mountains to the river to the outback, we take you on these epic, unforgettable journeys, reconnecting you with nature on some of the best hikes in the world.

Travelling in small groups up to a max of 16, our knowledgeable expert guides lead walkers safely on these wild adventures, bringing the landscapes to life with stories of the history and the flora and fauna of the places you’re in.

Off the trails, walkers can unwind and relax in a diverse array of exclusive eco-luxury accommodation, relaxing in comfort in peaceful surrounds. From starbeds and safari style tents in the outback, to minimalist architect designed off-grid eco-lodges and cabins, historic homesteads and luxury lodges, comfortable beds, pillows and bathrooms are a must.

Sensational food and wine experiences top each walk off, with gourmet meals made fresh sourced from local growers and producers, and fine local wines showcasing the best tastes of the region you are in.

Our walks are also good for you, good for the planet. When you walk with us, you can feel confident that by choosing our sustainable, slow travel holidays, you’ll not only be doing your body good, you’ll be giving back and helping to conserve these breathtakingly beautiful places of nature into the future.

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