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Australia’s most inspiring and iconic guided multi-day walks

From epic treks in the outback to hikes through World Heritage-listed national parks, Australia has some of the best walking experiences anywhere in the world, and we want to share them with you…

Great Walks of Australia is a collection of Australia’s greatest multi-day guided walks, where we take care of the details, so you can fully enjoy and immerse yourself in the journey in these incredible wilderness areas.

Together, we provide independently-owned hikes that cover some of Australia’s most iconic destinations and quintessential landscapes. From Tasmania’s untamed mountain wilderness and beaches, the ruggedly beautiful Victorian coastline, ancient volcanic plateaus and rainforest in Queensland, to the spectacular coastline of Western Australia, a UNESCO World Heritage listed island, meandering rivers, the magnificent outback of South Australia and our red centre, the Northern Territory, we’ll take you on the adventures of a lifetime.

By day, you’ll carry a light pack and be led safely in small groups by our knowledgeable guides along the best scenic walking trails in the world, soaking in the wonder of the flora, fauna and breathtaking views of each of these regions. And by night, a freshly cooked gourmet meal, a glass of wine and a comfortable bed in fabulous exclusive and eco-friendly accommodation is some of the welcomed hospitality that will await you, allowing you to take a load off and indulge in well deserved rest and relaxation.

We invite you to explore our website and each of our phenomenal, unique walking destinations, learn about the benefits of our professional guided walks, get tips on walking in Australia and find out about what we do that makes each great walk so special.

Walking with Great Walks Of Australia is truly the ultimate way to reconnect with nature, yourself, and conquer some of this country’s most renowned, achievable and rewarding trails. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, or venturing on a multi-day walk for the first time, lace up your hiking boots and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with us in Australia‘s great outdoors, by foot. #mygreatwalk