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Great Walks Of Australia Sustainability Charter

As a collective, Great Walks Of Australia member walks have committed to the following sustainability charter to:

  • Respect the lands that we walk on, assist to preserve and care for them through meaningful sustainable practices and conservation, and avoid harm to ecosystems by staying on designated trails as required.
  • Deliver immersive nature experiences for walkers, that educate and inform about these natural places, and inspire custodianship to protect and preserve them for the future.
  • Respect animals in their wild habitat exhibiting natural behaviours and avoid contact with them.
  • Respect First Nations people and traditional custodians of the land, working in partnership with them whenever possible, and educating guests about the culture of traditional custodians of land walked on.
  • Adhere to leave no trace principles at all times on trails, and minimise environmental disturbance at accommodation sites.
  • Support local and regional communities through direct employment, services, partnerships and showcasing of local products.
  • Employ experienced guides who foster our ethos for sustainable practices and conservation.
  • Hold ourselves to the environmental standards and responsibility expected by each other collectively, key stakeholders and guests.
  • Hold a minimum of Advanced Eco-Tourism Australia accreditation or higher from a reputable sustainability authority.
  • Minimise waste generation and aim to eliminate single use plastics.
  • Maximise low-impact renewable energy and energy/waste saving off-grid technologies to run accommodation sites and sustain walkers.
  • Work in partnership with government, national park authorities and conservation organisations when possible, to assist with management of track, trails and assistance with conservation projects.

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