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Five signs it’s spring on the Murray River Walk

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Spring indicates the end of the Murray River Walk season and nature showcased all its beauty to entice us back for next year… Following the earlier rains, Spring certainly sprung in a most magnificent way on the Murray River Walk with wildflowers blooming, plenty of wildlife emerging from their homes and emu chicks on the move.



Across the landscape wildflowers burst open colouring the bush, giving the bees something to be busy about. True to their name, Showy daisies put on a show, the grey-green bush becoming completely white with flowers. Electric pink is not a colour you’d commonly associate with the Australian bush, but as the ground covering plant pigface blooms, green floodplains are temporarily painted pink. Walker’s eyes are caught by flashes of vibrant purple as the Slender Darling Pea flowers along the banks of the Murray River, a beautiful contrast to the green and blue surrounds.

Wildlife Encounters

Over winter Emus nested, camouflaged amongst the native lignum plants, the male of the species tending to the turquoise eggs until hatching. Come spring and our walkers have encountered small striped chicks scattering under the canopy of the Black Box Eucalypts. The charismatic Apostle birds are tending their nests now, the various families will all help to feed and care for the young once hatched.

River Rise

Environmental watering activities are occurring, causing a small rise in the river level. Water spills out into small creeks, giving recently emerged red gums and older trees on the low lying river terraces a much needed drink. Natural billabongs are formed, and we discover an oasis in a red gum forest that supports a great range of flora and fauna.

Bush Songs

Frogs emerge from hibernation, the small billabongs acting as an indication that winter is over. Their chorus is deafening as our guides help walkers identify Southern bell, Banjo and Easter Sign Bearing frog calls. Bird calls ring through the air, the owner could be a pardalote or a spiny cheeked honeyeater. The sweetest singers of the bush.


Daily temperatures rise, the first signs of the oncoming summer, and light spring winds whistle through the tree tops. The pleasant afternoon weather invites walkers to linger on the deck of the houseboat, dipping their tired feet in the cooling waters of the Murray. They watch as the sun sets and the intense light ignites the colours of the red ochre cliff formations. Beautiful reflections are not
exclusive to sunset as sunrise offers a different type of peace and stillness. The kookaburras not laughing at you, but with you at how unbelievable the experience is.

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