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Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort Season Now Open

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We’re off and walking on the Larapinta Trail for season 2017, so here’s a few things we thought you might like to know while you’re making your plans to head out-back…

The Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort hikes through the West MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, a stunningly beautiful desert environment, completely isolated but providing all the luxury comforts one could dream of walking in such a remote location. And whilst prime walking conditions are considered to be during the winter months, with such a vast array of nature’s finest treasures on this trail here’s a quick guide to help you decide when to walk, depending on what’s on the top of your list to discover…

Star Gazers –  Walk late May – August
The Australian outback is one of the best places in the world to explore the galaxies in the night sky. While star gazing along the Larapinta Trail is able to be done all year round, if you want to see the very best of the starry nights, the winter months are less humid with clearer skies, giving a very sharp view of the stars, including the Milky Way as it passes overhead.

Flower Fanatics – Walk in May or August – September
With 767 species of flora, including the Mulla Mulla, Curry Wattle and Bush Tomato, the Larapinta Trail comes alive with colour at certain times of the year. However, with the erratic nature of rainfall in Central Australia, depending on the rain throughout the season, spotting a mass of wildflowers can’t be guaranteed. If you plan to trek in May, you will have the greatest chance of seeing a large array of colour. From August – September the wildflowers will also be in their prime again as they tend to have a resurgence coming out of winter season.

Bird Enthusiasts – Walk July – October
If your interests lie in birdwatching, then the months between July – October are the best as birds are in full breeding plumage. Ensure to bring your binoculars to spot Western Bowerbirds, Whistling Kites or Wedge Tailed Eagles soaring overhead.

Keen Swimmers  – Walk in April, May or September
If you’re looking for a refreshing dip whilst on the Larapinta Trail you’re in luck as the trail is abundant with gorges, waterholes and rivers. While it’s not uncommon for it to rain in Central Australia at any time of the year, it typically rains more frequently between December – March. This can flood the rivers and creek lines, which means that trekkers who visit in April and May can expect ‘wet crossings’ of waterholes, creeks and gorges. The water during these earlier months is also slightly warmer than in the winter months of June – August, when water temperatures can be surprisingly chilly.

Fly Avoiders – Walk late May – mid August
While to some people flies are a quintessential part of Australia and the outback experience, for others they are a hindrance. Whilst walking you can wear a head net to keep flys at bay, however they do not like the colder weather, and when nighttime temperatures fall below 10 degrees Celsius the flies are nowhere to be seen. If you would prefer to avoid the flies whilst walking the trail, choosing a departure during the winter months would be more suitable.

So with all this knowledge on hand, you may know when you want to go but need to find out more about the trail –  view the Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort walk itinerary and a full image gallery now… or alternatively if you’re ready, why not book now.