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Seven Peaks Walk’s Pinetrees Lodge Becomes Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Hotel

Congratulations to Seven Peaks Walk’s Pinetrees Lodge on Lord Howe Island, which has just become Australia’s first-ever certified carbon neutral hotel through the Australian Government’s Climate Active Program .

The base accommodation for guests on the Seven Peaks Walk, Pinetrees Lodge wanted to demonstrate that with commitment and investment small businesses can be leaders in environmental and social change.

Following a rigourous certification period, the team spend over $5million in renovations to reduce the lodge’s carbon footprint. These measures included implementing solar passive design principles, converting 95% of lights to LED, water saving taps and toilet, and installing a part of the Fuji wastewater system.

Reducing waste, installing worm farms and compost bins and building a large organic market garden to reduce food miles were also part of the grand plan.

In total, they have managed to reuse their power consumption by 30% and water consumption for 35%.

Their carbon emissions from all sources was audited and offset with investments in habitat protection programs in Indonesia and Tasmania.

This only adds to the already amazing work Pinetrees Lodge is doing in conversation on Lord Howe Island, including regenerating the critically endangered Sallywood Swamp Forest – the only known patch in the world.

All Great Walks of Australia members are committed to conservation and preservation of the places we walk in and are very proud of Seven Peaks Walk and Pinetrees Lodge for everything they have committed to having achieved this certification.

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