Seasonal Guide To Walking

The weather in Australia may not vary as much as it does in Europe or Northern America, but there are definable seasons and more ideal times to take on one of our walks. For walks in the southern part of Australia (see specific months below) the best times are from Spring through Summer into Autumn (fall), whereas for those on the mainland, the best times tend to be from Autumn through Winter into Spring.

It’s also important to remember that seasons here in Australia are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere, so when it’s spring in the United States, it’s autumn (fall) here in Australia. As these walking seasons are relatively short, demand for peak times can mean some walks are booked out well in advance.


Calendar of Walks

Bay of Fires Lodge WalkOctober – April
Cradle Mountain Huts WalkOctober – April
Freycinet Experience WalkNovember – April
Classic Larapinta Trek in ComfortApril – September
The Arkaba WalkMarch - October
The Maria Island WalkOctober – April
Twelve Apostles Lodge WalkSeptember - May
Scenic Rim TrailMarch - October
Margaret River Cape to Cape WalkFebruary – June / September – November
Murray River WalkApril - October
Seven Peaks WalkApril – May / September – November
Blue Mountains WalkNovember - May
Three Capes Lodge WalkSeptember - May